Freud couch


  THERIP is a resource network for teachers and students in higher education and psychotherapy training institutes.


  The couch and chair are today the logo of psychoanalysis, the symbolic arrangement defining the ‘talking cure’. The Viennese original can still be viewed in the Freud Museum in London, but the therapeutic movement it represents has proliferated into a great variety of schools, each claiming a monopoly of the truth.

THERIP’s main aim is to provide a forum for discussion between different schools in the fragmented world of psychoanalysis. Perhaps its most successful endeavour was The Klein/Lacan Dialogues (translated into French, German, Italian, Portuguese and Spanish).

THERIP used to hold an annual Conference and periodic seminars on topical issues. It has organized numerous interviews with leading analysts who have helped to shape the development of  psychoanalysis in this country, under the title Being a British Psychoanalyst. Videos of these interviews are deposited at the Wellcome Institute for the History of Medicine as a resource for future scholars; excerpts are available here.