This book records a series of groundbreaking discussions that took place in 1994-95 between a number of prominent Kleinian and Lacanian psychoanalysts. The aim of the presentations and the debates that followed was to allow for dialogue, as well as controversy, to take place. Respecting the convictions of the other and allowing their expression in their own terms became a prerequisite in the dialogue. Topics discussed included phantasy, sexuality, counter-transference, the unconscious, interpretation and technique, and child analysis. The meetings provided an opportunity for reflection upon the implications for respective positions and an appreciation of the sensitivities of both schools.




From The "Foreword" by Dr Liz Reid:

It is with particular pleasure that I write the Foreword to this collection of THERIP's Psychoanalytic Seminars: The Klein - Lacan Dialogues .
The Higher Education Network for Research and Information in Psychoanalysis - THERIP - was founded in 1988. It is an essential part of THERIP's function to provide a platform for the exchange of ideas and information in psychoanalysis, not only in the UK but abroad as well. Equally it is an essential part of THERIP's function to broaden debate within and about psychoanalysis.
THERIP also produces a Register giving information on members' research in the field. This enables researchers to establish contact with each others' work. The Psychoanalysis Newsletter publishes a wide variety of articles and an extensive Events Diary.
THERIP organizes a series of lectures each year. Topics are addressed by speakers from different schools of psychoanalysis. In keeping with THERIP's role as a forum for discussion, the organization is not affiliated to any particular school. Much of THERIP's unique contribution to psychoanalytic debate lies in this very

This is the second collection in a series of lectures published to reach a wider audience. It covers the academic year 1994 to 1995.
As the title, The Klein - Lacan Dialogues suggests, the lectures take the form of panel discussions. These were very well received by the audience who were present at the time.